As energy costs, energy security and climate change challenge our way of life, many are turning back to wood to heat their homes. Well designed woodstoves significantly reduce the amount of smoke given off, and burn much more effiently than an open fire.

This website aims to support those who are growing and providing firewood, as well as those who wish to buy it. We would love your input, advice, links and photos and look forward to hearing from you.

An introduction to wood as a fuel by Gillian Alker from the Forestry Commission, from  woodlands TV.

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E L Wisty 28 March, 2011

(1). What is the carbon footprint of the manufacture of wood pellets ?

(2). The video says that lignin holds the pellets together. How does it do this?

colin peachey RUTLAND LOGS 20 July, 2011

hi where do i go for a gant fdor a forewood processor thanks colin

Niall Whyte 19 August, 2011

The Real Firewood Company www.realfirewood.co.uk sell Kiln Dried reducing the need to season the wood yourself.

johnny ball 14 September, 2011

www.lakelandlogs.co.uk buy dry hardwood firewood now .order online.

http://woodprocessor.blogspot.com/2011/01/firewood-processor-pictures.html 3 October, 2011

sum helpfull info

Tracy 23 January, 2012

Colin, for your grant, try the Forestry Commission. I am sure they can point you in the right direction

Mike Pepler 23 January, 2012

@E L Wisty In answer to your questions:

(1). What is the carbon footprint of the manufacture of wood pellets ?

They're about double woodchip, but still a lot lower than fossil fuels. Full info here: http://www.biomassenergycentre.org.uk/portal/page?_pageid=75,163182&_dad=portal

(2). The video says that lignin holds the pellets together. How does it do this?

When the shredded wood is compressed by the pellet mill, the lignin becomes liquid and flows around the cellulose. Then when the pressure is removed, the lignin returns to a solid, holding the pellet together.

Cheers, Mike

Homewood Logs 16 February, 2012

New firewood supplier in Southeast UK "Homewood Logs".
Supplies only kiln dried hardwood mix- Ash, Oak and Birch. While the Oak provides long burning times and excellent, steady heat output the Ash and Birch will help to get the fire roaring and build up the temperature initially. All wood guaranteed 18% moisture content or under. Certainly worth trying.

MR BROWN 24 April, 2012

Ive been selling logs around my vilage in dorset in my spare time as a form of extra income? Started about two years ago and getting a sensible amount of custom? Im buying trailer loads of wood none cut and split and just cutting and splitng it when ive got a spare bit of time then storing it away waitng for the next customer? I would like nothing more to start up my own buiness selling firewood but wanted to find out how i could about this and if there is any help availible? thank you.

Tracy 25 April, 2012

Hi Mr Brown

It would be worth talking to your local Forestry commission officer. They might know of some grants to help get you going

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