Buying firewood

The two most important things to ask about your firewood are: is it from a local, sustainable source; and how well seasoned is it?  Most different types of wood will burn just fine, if they are dry enough.

How to find firewood

Through word of mouth, friends and adverts in local shops

WoodLots - SE England

Ecolots - UK wide

Carbon neurtral fuel list - UK wide

Wood energy supply list - Scotland

You could ask on the Small Woodland Owners' Group forum - countrywide, or local coppice groups.

What you might like to ask your supplier

  • What species of wood will be in the load?
  • Has the firewood come from sustainable forestry (will it be allowed to regrow or be replanted)?
  • How far does the wood travel to get to you?
  • How long has it been seasoning for and has it been under cover?
  • How is the price worked out?  Wood is often sold by the load - which depends on what type of vehicle is carrying the load. Remember that a load is often not stacked, so once delivered and neatly stacked, may seem a lot less!  You won't buy firewood by weight, as weight can vary greatly when the wood is green or seasoned.
  • Do they charge extra for delivery and stacking?
  • Have the logs been split and what lengths will they be?

A neatly stacked trailer of logs holds a lot more than a 'pile.'

You may wish to order your firewood early in the Spring so that you can dry it carefully yourself. You may also find it useful to bring wood into the house for a day or 2 before burning to improve quality.

Some suppiers deliver logs in bulk bags.

These ones, for example, are sold by Laurence Crow.

"Bulk bags approx. 275 no. logs at 200mm. mixture of sizes off the Dalen firewood processor, weighing 300kg. fresh cut, down to 250kg and below when seasoned. Also chunky ones and inglenook sizes for open fires. All from coppiced timber and thinnings, ash and hornbeam a speciality. The wood is harvested from and marketed within 10 miles of Dorking.

Think global, buy local.

Established in 1989 managing neglected copses for nature conservation aim, such as dormouse and nightingale becoming rare species, so restoration of habitats through sustainable woodland management.
Laurence Crow"

Carbon Neutral fuel have a very useful leaflet on buying wood.

Comments on this article

David Pascoe. 22 January, 2012

Dear Supplier.
How long does it take to dry out Hazel Wood before it is ready to burn.please.

Tracy 23 January, 2012

Hi David

We generally try to dry all our wood for at least a year. The drier the better - (although birch can begin to rot) It does depend on how the wood is stored, if it is split/ under cover etc. A moisture metre is a very useful and fairly cheap tool to help you to know when your wood is dry enough!

Daniel Sayer 26 August, 2012

You do not have a supplier for the South West?

Sam 22 January, 2013

Hi - i have been looking to buy some logs from Have you ever come across them or heard about them?

The site looks a little bit dodgy, with their address being central london and I wanted confirmation its not a scam before buying.


Andrea 10 April, 2013

Who do you recommend for wood in Cornwall ?

Owen 22 September, 2013

Hi there, I am up in Manchester and looking for someone who will let me fell/thin their trees so that I can get the firewood? Do you know of anyone, who would be up for this, of if any group offers this as an option for a city dweller?

Kevin Ellett 22 September, 2013

Good evening,

We're looking to buy 25 tonne of hardwood seasoned cord wood, can I have a couple of suppliers.


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