Seasoning and storing wood

Seasoning and storing wood

Getting wood ready for burning is one of the most important parts of using firewood.  Wood that is correctly cut, split and dried is more important than the wood type when it comes to burning it.  The wood will dry best when cut to short lengths, split and left stacked, off the ground. A roof over the top is best, but it is advisable to leave the sides open to the air.

It is worth stacking carefully so the pile can stay up for 1 – 2 years.

Buy local, ask friends, go see where it is stored, find out where it was cut, look for clean wood (mud free)
Buy in the spring and stack and dry it yourself for the summer.

Phil from Malvern coppicing makes log stores like these.

Wood needs to dry until it has only 25% of its moisture content. Dry wood will have bark which is coming off and splits in the grain.

Edistone has a unique delivery and storage system.

When Edistone decided to sell firewood from its own woodlands some years ago, it chose to develop a quality service to its customers with stove ready fuel that was always to hand throughout the year. The company devised a containerised system of delivery whereby a customer receives two full log boxes that are placed side by side and covered with a loose roof so that the whole looks like a log store. The roof design also provides good weather protection for the logs.

 The log storage facility can be positioned almost anywhere that is convenient to the customer, often by the back door. When one box is empty and the second has come into use, a full box is brought along and the empty one taken away for refilling and reuse. The first time the customer handles the logs is to take them into the house ready for immediate use. Supply is guaranteed through the winter and the two full boxes that remain at the end of the season are invariable enough to go through the summer.
This service has now been approved by the HETAS Solid Biomass Assurance Scheme as meeting the UK and European standards for seasoned woodfuel supply.

Edistone has successfully run the service for six years, continuously improving the customer service and methods of operation along the way.
The design of the containers and storage system are a Registered Design, but can be licensed to other woodfuel suppliers who wish to offer customers a similar quality service.
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joshua paul kandefer 28 April, 2014

what type of tarp(color, mils ect) do you recommend for coverind wood when it is seasonin. rather then uncover on good days and cover on rainy days?

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