Selling your wood

How to sell your wood.

  • Let your buyers know where the wood has come from - a local sustainable source
  • What species of timber, and how it was stored and seasoned.
  • How you are delivering it, price etc
  • Be clear on how far you will travel - charge extra for driving further?
  • Will you stack it at the other end?
  • Can you drive close to where it is being delivered? This might greatly increase the delivery and unloading time and effort.

Nick reports:

"Our wood is 75 acres of ancient hornbeam and mixed coppice. Each winter I coppice an acre or two, producing cordwood (mostly hornbeam and oak with occasional field maple, ash, birch) in traditional 4 foot lengths. In the summer I cart it out and stack it in the open and uncovered but so that the wind can blow through. The following autumn I cut logs according to demand and my wife and I split them (with a machine). The favourite size seems to be to 8". The logs are reasonably dry when split but can get wet if not immediately sold.

Advertising is confined to the village (a card in the village shop and an ad in the parish magazine). The only others who find out about our log supply are people who walk by, or hear from friends; thus very few miles from standing wood to fuel.

We supply old feed bags and have recently raised the price from £3 to £4 a bag, help-yourself, money in a box. It's based entirely on trust. We ask people to reuse the bags.

We aim for local customers only so there's no sign at the top of the drive. We think a sign saying "LOGS FOR SALE" would tempt fate.

In this manner we take perhaps £3,000 between September and March and I am never tempted to subscribe to a gym.

Next year I will try and rig up some shelter so that the wood is kept drier before and at point of sale."

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AMANDA WHITE 1 September, 2012

how heavy are the bags you sell for £4.00

kim andy 20 October, 2012

We are suppliers of all types of wood,timber,planks etc you can contact us for more details
email;[email protected]

Gina 3 November, 2012

I've been doing an epic chop in my garden and have cut branches between 1 and 8 inches into chunks for firewood.

Would be great if I could get some money for them. Need to try and scrape whatever I can towards fixing a leaky roof :/

Is this something I can do through here? Not seasoned, just freshly cut.

Please email or pass on my details!

Many thanks :)

Ali 22 March, 2013

I have a wooden bed with a large wooden headboard that has broken, just wondering if you buy this kind of wood as I do not want to skip it.
Please let me know if someone buys this kind of wood.

Many thanks!

Reece 23 March, 2013

I've just had two huge trees cut down; a sycamore and a Douglas pine. They both had massive trunks so have been mostly cut into large rings. The pile of wood is pretty phenomenal, about 30 tons of each. I do burn about 3 ~ 5 tons a year on an open log fire but I think I should be looking at selling the bulk of the wood. Any ideas? I'd like to get sensible prices without too much processing to go towards the excellent tree fellers bill! I'm in North Wales.

Robert 29 April, 2013

Hi I have a big tree witch I am going to cut it today,I am a gardener and I need to get rid of it tomorrow the 30th of April before 3pm please let me know in interested!
Many thanks

Lewis jeavons 21 February, 2014

We sell great seasoned wood we deliver for free in nofolk the wood is very well seasoned and burns really well. For my information on prices and delivery please email [email protected] or ring 07827746727 great prices!! Many thanks lewis.

Tom Piper 25 February, 2014

i have tonnes for sale for brilliant prices
email me at [email protected]

christina webster 7 April, 2014

We have two large llyandi trees which need to be removed. Can anyone remove these trees and take the wood to sell for themselves. No charges involved. Please let me know. Thanks

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